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100 Days/100 Ideas: #10 – HP Sprout, a 3D Scanning PC

3D Scanning PC

Photo Credit: Engadget

Idea: 3D Scanning PC

Synopsis: HP is quietly becoming one of my favorite technology companies. The Sprout is a PC has a second touchscreen that lays flat on desk, and a camera that can scan 3D images. The image can then be exported to CAD programs and 3D printers. They even crop out the backgrounds for the item in focus.

Say what???

There’s another neat trick. The camera has a projector so it can “see” and project simultaneously. This means someone can project an image and interact with it using, say, their hands. If you’re not amazed, you may be suffering from depression.

Just sayin’,

Read about it more at Engadget where I got the above photo: http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/29/hp-sprout-hands-on

Props to Chakktor.

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