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100 Days/100 Ideas: #8 – Crowd Sourced Anonymous Feedback

Photo Credit: Theresa Thompson

Photo Credit: Theresa Thompson

Idea: Crowd Sourced Anonymous Feedback

Synopsis: I don’t know how well this could actually do alright if people get into it. I’m envisioning a system where people are given a series of choices. This or that. And they could be anything! Need help writing a speech? Have people vote on one opening statement versus another. Deciding between two logos? Have people vote on which they like best. A tiny payout can be made to voters to encourage activity. Also, everything is anonymous in terms of voters and who is asking for the votes. This way everything stays fair and biases take a back seat.

This seems like a simple enough of an idea to execute and it plays on people who like to give opinions. Anyone posting the choice to voters can have a budget for how many people they want to reach and that money goes to voters for each vote. Maybe this could be a cool way to get feed back and create additional income for people.

Or not. It’s just an idea.

Peace out, party people.

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