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100 Days/100 Ideas: #9 – Modular Cars

Modular Car

Idea: Modular cars

Synopsis: This isn’t a new idea. I think I’m actually going to make these posts a little different by also showcasing pre-existing ideas that may not be getting a ton of love.

I’m all about the idea of modular devices. Modular computers. Modular cellphones. Whatever. I feel the ability to customize in a simple way is part of our future. Your average person can assemble a device while experts fix components. There’s no need to have a new singular device. Just upgrade parts as needed. Sounds awesome, right?

Just take some time to check out the modular movement and see how it can revolutionize products as we know it. Instead of my normal “party people” link, I’m embedding this video in the post so people are more likely to check out a video on this idea.

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  • Vehicle Graphics Orange County October 30, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    I really like this idea. I had never really thought about a modular vehicle. In a practical sense, it seems viable. A person pays a small portion for the base vehicle and then is able to upgrade what they want. Cool video.

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