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May 2014


    Eat And Be Merry!

    Happy post-Memorial Day! Right now I look like Black Tom Hanks in Castaway because I haven’t shaved¬†since¬†god knows when, but something good came out of my dishevelment. If you like being happy and food (or some combination of both), you might be interested these: Zen Hacked ( Sometime last year I started life coaching after I reached a breakthrough in my mindset: I found my balance and it totally changed my life. But I didn’t do it using traditional methods,…

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  • Life

    Andre Reloaded

    I’m free! Almost at least. And I mean in that Braveheart kinda way before I knew Mel Gibson was a crazy racist asshole. The good old days. You gotta understand, this is a big…

    May 23, 2014