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December 2015

    Thought of the Day

    Apparently I’m a Thief Who Needs a Danish Citizenship

    My fiance and I decided to go to Copenhagen on Saturday to partake in some exploring, vlogging, and, of course, getting our grub on. Silly me, I thought this was a solid plan, but apparently I was mistaken. Thankfully, a dutiful Danish woman emphatically let us know why we had no right to be in her country.┬áHere’s a partial video of the encounter. Damn it, woman! Why’d you stop recording? I was all set to post this on Worldstar. So…

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  • Travel

    5 Things I Love About Sweden (So Far)

    Alright, I already wrote up a lil somethin’ about five things I wish Sweden had, but it’s time to look at the brighter side of things here. After all, there’s a lot to appreciate.…

    December 14, 2015