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Blog Update: New Post Schedule

Photo Credit: Wendy (wenzday01)

Photo Credit: Wendy (wenzday01)

Alright, while chatting on Google Hangouts, my friend Fallon said some consistency with my blog would help people who are regular readers.


As such, here’s a rundown of my blog schedule! I may still toy around with additional posts at other times, but this is when you can DEFINITELY expect me. Enjoy!

9am ET: Positivity of the Week – Just some positive thoughts to kick off the week!

11am ET: Lessons from a New Self-Earner – In these posts, I have been giving tips to those looking to become self-earners. These are all based on my own experiences and advice from others.
12pm ET: Thinkington – This is a video series on my Andre Griffiths YouTube channel. Here I interview cool people doing cool things outside of a normal full-time job.
1pm ET: Daily Opinion – My opinion on a current event or random topic
2pm ET: Project Update – Updates on any projects I have. Sort of like this post!
3pm ET: 100 Days/100 Ideas – As the name implies, I’m posting 100 ideas over 100 days. Once I’m done I’ll replace this with another reoccurring post.

11am ET: The Ramblings Podcast – My podcast, usually co-hosted by my buddy, Leaf. Other times I do it by myself or have a guest. Either way, there’s a lot of rambling conversation going on.
12pm ET: Peek’s Picks – My buddy, Aric Peek, always has great suggestions for innovative sites and projects. Anytime we speak, he has something to share that he’s found. They’re usually so good, I’ve decided to share them with you!
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Spoken Word Piece – The name says it all. This is also an excuse for me to compile my pieces and make a book out of them.
3pm ET: 100 Days/100 Ideas

11am ET: My Journey Toward Financial Freedom – This is focused on the progress (sometimes lack thereof) toward being totally independent. Sometimes I write about myself, other times I delve into possible paths toward financial freedom.
12pm ET: Adventures in Photography
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Creative Writing Piece – Once again, the name says it all. This can be just about anything.
3pm ET: 100 Days/100 Ideas

11am ET: The Ramblings Podcast
12pm ET: App of the Week – A piece of mobile or PC software that I will profile.
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Throwback Writing – This is where I dig in the crates and unearth a piece of writing from my past. Eventually, I’ll replace this with another way to celebrate Throwback Thursdays.
3pm ET: 100 Days/100 Ideas

11am ET: The Gibbler Podcast – My new television-related podcast co-hosted by my longtime friend, Chakktor.
12pm ET: Friday Procrastination Links – I love procrastinating. This is a chance for me to share some random links and videos as the week comes to an end.
1pm ET: Daily Opinion
2pm ET: Lesson of the Week – Lessons learned from life, business, etc. Because, you know, if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Or something like that.
3pm ET: Something Random – Something random.


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