Bloggers Who Only Write Are Limiting Themselves

Andre C Griffiths and Chakktor

Last week after recording a podcast with Chris/Chakktor, he mentioned something that has stuck with me. He brought up the product review I did on Nuts N More. He said he definitely planned on reading it, but if I had a video review he would have definitely watched it right away. And that was the ugly, painfully obvious truth…

Bloggers who only write are limiting themselves.

Well, no duh, right? I mean it’s only common sense that there are a ton of people out there who have no interest in actually reading, mostly because it takes more effort than a video or picture. Then there are people out there who are more than happy to read quality material, but catching their attention with a long-form written piece is a tough task.

Then again, I guess it depends on your goal. If you’re writing for the sake of writing, who cares what the hell I think? Certainly not you. But as much as I enjoy writing, my ultimate goal is to spread ideas and creativity; writing just happens to fall under that umbrella.

It’s a stroke of straight up luck that I happen to be into video editing, podcasting, photo editing, and a bunch of other random little passions I developed since I realized can be used for more than… debauchery. Yeah, we’re going with debauchery.

I think being a multi-talented creator/artist will become more common nowadays with widely available digital mediums. All you have to do is learn the mechanics and you can let your creativity run wild. There’s more than one way to convey a thought or tell a story after all. That said, I’m going to keep this thinking in mind and start creating some videos to accompany my posts. I’m playing the long game on this one; the payoff will hit somewhere down the road.


If it does, thanks Chris.

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