Efficiency Tip: Using Dictation Software as a Blogger

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Y’know, with all the little side projects that I have going on, sometimes it gets tough maintaining everything that I do with blogging. Now, 2013 Dre would’ve let his ADD run wild and let this block slipped to the wayside, but 2015 Dre is all about working smarter, not harder.

Because working smarter means I can both be more productive and lazy at the same time. Who likes having their cake and eating too?


So this is good to be the first blog post that I’m actually dictating 100%. This was a tactic I took when I was doing content writing shortly after I was laid off from my job back in 2014. It was mostly because I wanted to walk around my apartment and get writing done at the same time. Sure, it took some getting used to and I had to constantly pause to think about the words that I wanted to say, mostly because I was writing about topics of which I had no interest. And I guess that’s the secret sauce to all of this is I blog the way I think. So dictating is the bee’s knees.

Yes I actually thought, “The bee’s knees.” Don’t judge me.

Also, as much as I like to write, I’m actually a horrible typist. I’ve gotten better in recent years, but this is me 15 years in the game at this point, son. A 34-year-old man should have hired typing standards for Pete’s sake!

Whatever. This is why dictating is the shizznit. Until you try to say the word “shizznit” and the em effing dictation software writes “shift” instead. That’s what proof reading is for I suppose.

I personally use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. If anybody knows of an alternate piece of software for me to try, I’d be all for. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I just want to know if there’s anything out there as feature rich or better with a comparable price. Let me know!

Anywho, if you can relate to the plight of being an attention deficit writer, try dictating. I haven’t done it in a while so it’s taking me a while to get the training wheels off again, by got to tell you, this is far better than my slow as typing.

Technology FTW.

Peace out, party people.

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