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    The Internet Should Be Considered a Basic Human Right

    Guy Fawlkes mask

    High five to the genius who invented the toilet. If not for him, I’d have nowhere to do my best thinking. #classy I randomly think about the internet and how different my life was without it. For example, if it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to learn independently. Not easily anyway. Quite literally, many answers are at my fingertips. It’s a big reason why I don’t understand why people call tech support. Many of them are just…

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  • google modular cellphone

    I’m Psyched for Our Modular Future

    I just created my new twitter account (@andrecgriffiths) so I can use my existing one (@themindofdre) for more music-related posts. Once it was up and running, I made the usual rounds, following others who…

    May 19, 2015