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An Instagram Comic about Love: Dre and Claws (Series 01)

Back in January, my fiance and I were waiting for a bus in the blistering cold so we could start making our way to Stockholm. I was barely surviving in that winter weather, which shouldn’t be a surprise given this Jamaican blood of mine. My fiance then suggested we go into this small store until the bus arrived. This place was filled  with a bunch of dollar store-like products, but I managed to come across this little square-shaped drawing pad. I bought it and told my fiance I planned to draw in it once a day after I left Sweden and we were doing the long distance relationship thing again.

I got back to the US and decided to create a daily Instagram comic about me and an anthropomorphic lion named Klös/Claws (based on a stuffed animal my fiance gave me to keep while we were separated). After a few weeks of admittedly directionless sketches, I finally thought of a simple little story about love. Since then I’ve started on a second run of this daily comic where the quality of the drawings has been upped and I have a much broader universe I want to create. But this is pretty much where it started. The sketches are a little crude and the story had to keep a quick pace due to the page limitation with which I was working, but I hope someone out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Follow me on Instagram (@themindofdre) to see more of our adventure (in much better quality heh)!

Peace out, party people!

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