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Hashtag Opinion Rape

I can’t honestly call everyone on social media an actual “friend.” Regardless, I’m cool with all of them for one reason or another even if we don’t speak much. In some cases, at all. That being said, you ever run into one of those people who make you “WTF” once they share their view of the the world? You know what I’m talking about.

I saw a lot of this after gay marriage was legalized. It wasn’t like there was some homophobic-fueled backlash, but let’s just say I know a few people who were a tad salty about it in a “whatever the total opposite of subtle is” type of way.

Blatant is the opposite of subtle I suppose. Let’s go with that.

Worst of all, I actually know Trump supporters. UNIRONIC Trump supporters. I mean, what do I even say to that? Politics aside, homeboy is a joke and I actually know people who would put him in charge of America. That’s both ridiculous and troubling.

More so the latter.

So this becomes an interesting situation here. Before social media, I wouldn’t just happen upon an acquaintance’s face palm inducing opinion. There had to be conversation for that! But now I have to deal with people posting things that may or may not change my opinion of them. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but it’s true. To be fair, there may be people who think the opinions I post are idiotic. I’d like to think my POV is well thought out and balanced, but who knows how it comes off within the confines of a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post? Still, when someone posts something like “Click like if you’re celebrating straight marriage!” or, even worse, factually incorrect information that supports their world view, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

If you catch me in person, I’m rarely one to hold my feelings back, so if I’m told something, I’ll give an open response. Oddly enough, when someone just throws their opinion out into the vast expanse of teh interwebz, I’m less inclined to throw my two cents in. Kind of like how I totally avoid eye contact with anyone on the street/subway peddling their religion. No offense; I just have my own system figured out and you may not want to hear how wrong I think you are.


I don’t know if there was a point to writing this. Really I just had a session of unfollowing a few folks because of the crap they kept posting. They’re entitled to their opinions of course, but I will not allow anyone to…

… opinion rape me.


NO! I’m serious, man. Opinion rape needs to be a thing. Isn’t there a social justice warrior out there willing to make a hashtag out of that? Maybe I should make up a statistic like, “Over 5000 people are opinion raped each hour,” turn it into an image and post it to social media. If anyone on my friends list unironically reposts it, prepare to be unfollowed.

Peace out, party people.

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