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Daily Opinion: Tim Cook’s Big Coming out Reinforces the Idea that Coming out Is Still a Big Deal

Tim Cook

On the heels of my Black Panther commentary, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook reveals he is gay. Formal media outlets as well as social media has picked this up and run with it. Supporters are celebrating and detractors are, well, kind of being jerks. The thing is, I’m somewhat shocked that, at least in America, people still flip their collective wigs when a big name reveals he or she is gay.

Relax. Everything’s going to be fine.

I admit, for such a diverse country, we’re stuck in some archaic BS because of our forefathers’ experiences. But instead of moving forward and realizing (finally) that the fact that we’re all different is what actually makes us equal, some of us are stuck on the simple fact that differences exist at all. It could be race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, weight, whatever. We’re stuck. And it’s not just the US; it’s just surprising given how diverse this country is.

Anyway, I’m not trying to say this isn’t a good thing. Everyone should be free and open about who they are. We should celebrate everyone’s differences. Because at that point we’re celebrating people. But as long as we continue to categorize and label each other, we’ll always be stuck on what makes individuals different.

See, it’s easy to hate differences. It’s a way to express a dislike without knowing a person. Movies do this same thing. They often paint an antagonist as simply “the bad guy” with very little insight into why he/she thinks they are justified in their actions. Someone is right and someone is wrong. It’s as simple as that.

But it’s not so simple in real life. Yet some folks act as if these same rules apply to the world around us. Gays are the bad guys. Latinos are the bad guys. Feminists are the bad guys.

Yawn. Enough already.

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it applies to enough people that this is still a relevant conversation in 2014. Crazy, right? People actually still care. I suppose humanity is still just going through growing pains. I still believe we’ll figure out, maybe not it this generation, but eventually.

Peace out, party people.

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