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What Tone Are You Setting for the Day?

What Tone Are You Setting for the Day

Ah, it’s Monday! Actually, I hate Mondays… Garfield-style (I also share his love for all things lasagna. That cat was the voice of a generation). But as much as I dislike this first day of the work week, your boy is feeling good because I know the tone I want to set for the day.

Story time! Last I was practicing singing (yeah, that’s a thing I do now) with some mixed results. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why the hell I wasn’t able to consistently hit notes, especially on my entries. Without any formal training, what did I do? I studied the bejeebus out of my favorite Marvin Gaye songs. It sounds crazy, but doing this gave me a lot of insight into how I should be using my voice. As an added bonus, it also got me thinking about mood. Follow me  here for a sec.

One of my problems when it comes to singing is not realizing the tone/pitch I should hit when I start. I mean, I know how I want to execute it, but my voice box ain’t having it. I have to start off in a way that’s suited to my capabilities.

Still following? Good.

Think of a day (in this case, Monday) as a piece of music and every action you take is your singing voice. You don’t want your singing to clash with the music; The two should compliment each other. Y’know, harmony… it’s how you make a song that sounds good. Your day and your actions create a song that we’ll call your mood.

I usually don’t walk up in a good or bad mood. I’m neutral… unless I didn’t get enough sleep… then you may see cranky Dre make an appearance. Either way, I’ve been making some changes to the way I begin the day that have had a pretty positive effect on my general mood.

  • STEP 1: I ask myself, “What tone do I want to set for the day?” The answer for me is typically, “Upbeat.” Well, if I want an upbeat mood, I can’t take downbeat actions (unless it compliments a portion of my day, but we’re talking about the beginning anyway).
  • STEP 2: Get up and let any sun available into the room/apartment/house because the sun is awesome.
  • STEP 3: Put on some mood appropriate music. Ultralight Beam is my jam right now.
  • STEP 4: Stretch and do a light warm up.
  • STEP 5: Say hi to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while (social media makes this easier than it would’ve been in my heyday).
  • STEP 6: Start the rest of the day!

I don’t know if this would work for everyone, but the concept of starting the day with a few positive/upbeat actions makes a world of difference for me. Especially since I’m in my mid-30’s and no longer have that 20’s energy. Someone needs to bottle that so I can start my day with it too.

Actually, I think it’s called coffee.

Anywho, what tone are you setting for the day? Peace out party people.

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