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Content Creation Strategies: Bulk Creation & Automation!

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For better or worse, I am a content creator – one who is continually evolving his content creation strategies. In my journey to growing my exposure, I’ve somehow overcome that hurdle of regularly creating content. Hell, I actually have a good amount of it out there at this point. Thing is, with a blog, two podcasts, a daily comic on Instagram, and an imminent return to YouTube, I spend more time creating content than growing my exposure. So let’s switch up the strategy, party people.

Truthfully, I could probably spend all hours of the day grinding away and find my success through sheer will, but I’m not that dude anymore. I’m willing to work hard when appropriate, but my first choice is to work smart. Now given the fact that I’m in a creative groove right now, I figure I should run with it and over-produce content so I can schedule it out. For example, my podcast is shifting from an open-ended format to one more topic driven. I’m going to reduce the time to 30 minutes per episode and record episodes in bulk with guests who are really just friends who I can BS for hours with.

Ugh, I ended in a preposition… #stillnotgonnafixittho.

With this format, my homegirl Karen and I can knock out at least ten episodes in a single session. So rather than trying to schedule a time to record each week, we can knock out a bunch of these and schedule them out. My goal is to do this with enough people so I can have three months worth of content scheduled out. After that, my week to week tasks will be more focused on marketing and promotion rather than creation.

Obviously this won’t work for all content I create. While I can write and schedule evergreen content on my blog, I still like to write about recent, culturally relevant topics. Y’know, because SEO is the shiznit. Also, there are some platforms that make scheduling and automation easier than others (I get around Instagram by using Hootsuite, but even that requires that I physically hit a publish button at the scheduled time. Better than nothing). Still, this tactic both helps me to exploit those moments when my creative juices are at a boiling pint, as well as free myself up for marketing, continued research/learning, and smaller one-off projects.

I haven’t always been the best when it comes to a continued series of articles (at some point I want return to my series on long distance relationships as well as Peek’s Picks), but I’m going to continue sharing my content creation strategies. I’m learning as I go along, but I hope to offer a different POV that exploits characteristics that seem to be a hindrance to progress rather than outright changing. If it works for you, that’s awesome! If not… well… maybe I’ll catch you on the next one. For now, good luck out there my fellow creatives and as always…

Peace out, party people.

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