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My Journey Toward Financial Freedom: Credit can Kiss My Butt

Credit cards

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This will be a quick one, folks.

I’ve given up on credit cards. When talking about financial freedom, some people focus on managing their credit rather than just being done with the whole system.

Or at least as much as possible.

As inconvenient as it can be sometimes, I’m paying cash for EVERYTHING. I don’t need credit in my life even if I’m better at managing it now than I was when I was younger. I know this isn’t exactly the route for everyone, but I’ll tell you one thing: once I stopped using them, I quickly realized how little I need them.

I have debit. I have PayPal. I’m good to go.

The trick is staying minimal. I only buy what I need and indulge only as much as my actual cash flow allows. It’s a simple system that some will criticize, but hey, it’s an unneeded temptation. Besides, my money should go to building future income streams, not someone’s interest rate.

Peace out, party people.


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