Small Successes: The 10K Steps a Day Challenge

After growing up with a body type that was prime for a job as a husky child model, I flipped the script after college and became all about fitness. And I did pretty damn well if I do say so myself. When I began working as a director, I started slipping, but I got back on point after I was laid off in 2014. From the beginning of 2015 until a few weeks ago (beginning of June 2015), I REALLY let myself slide, focusing on personal projects and being a sad sap because my fiance and I are in different countries right now. It’s time to challenge myself physically again.

Now that I’ve lost a bit of weight due to eating better, I want to ensure working at home doesn’t keep me confined to a chair all day. So I’m dusting off my trusty FitBit One to do a 10K steps a day challenge.┬áIt’s been a while old, friend, but I need to get myself in the habit of standing while working and moving around since I have no daily commute and most of my work involves a computer.

But anyway, steel sharpens steel and all that good stuff, right? If you want to kick start yourself back into getting fit, start with something simple like this. I’m going to do it for a month and then it’s time to conquer a much more lofty challenge. Until then, join in the fun!

Peace out, party people.


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