It Took Me 9 Years to Choose My Version of Adulthood

Back in 2006, my buddy Pat and I worked for a now defunct law firm. I was going through the same thing I go through at any job – I get bored after a year and if I don’t get promoted or the job isn’t interesting enough, the number of F’s I give plummets to zero and I eventually leave. I seriously have an issue with doing the same thing everyday. It drives me insane.

Back in 2006, I had an itch to not just quit my job, but also move out to California. Pat actually encouraged it, but I lacked the cajones back then. A corporate job in the city was the far safer road even if the pay sucked at the time. With my college days behind me, I couldn’t take a risk like that!

Sallie Mae Loans Ain’t Nuthin’ to F*** With.

For the next seven years, I was purely money motivated when it came to my life goals. I was gonna climb that corporate ladder no matter what. Happy hour drinks and a steady stream of promotions and job responsibilities didn’t hurt.

Back in 2013, my favorite boss to date, Joe Lin, promoted me to director. I was thrilled at the time, but mostly because the title meant more pay. Outside of that, the experience was soul crushing for me. Some people are built for that type of role, but this life of constantly checking emails off hours and having to answer to upper management for every single little issue killed me. The money was no longer enough and I thought about leaving New Jersey again.

It’s 2015 and I’m finally leaving. Not forever, but I feel a sense of relief to finally walk the path I want. The BS of being alive is society has a path most people follow and if you’re born into a particular culture, you’re held to it’s standards whether or not I believe in them. I’m not playing that game anymore. I rose high in the corporate world and there was nothing satisfying for me there. It may sound crazy that I’d turn down another chance at all that money (certain people I know have said as much), but I only have one chance at this life. I’m shooting for happiness as a goal, safety be damned.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have someone you love as motivation.

Peace out, party people.

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