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Killing My Bad Habits Gained from Middle Management

My only goal for 2016 is to be the best version of me I can be. That’s why it seriously sucks that my January will consist of at least 3 months away from my fiance (K-1 visas are a mofo). Not that she has anything directly to do with me not reaching some vague goal I made up, it’s that I remember who I was last year this time when I ¬†separated for ten: a chubby ex-middle manager that seldom left his desk because he was too wrapped up in doing everything possible to avoid getting back into middle management.

I’m not even gonna front, y’all; I eat my feelings. Often because they come in the form of snacks and/or anything edible with cheese. So you may understand how your boy managed to pack on a couple pounds while I was all by my lonely in the US. And I fought the good fight. I had spurts of what resembled a workout regimen, but I was living a mostly stationary life. Mostly because all of my side projects, as well as my full time job involves me behind a computer.

I soon treated my personal work the same way as I did a bit after i first became director: I worked late hours (in this case because I have a full time job albeit from home) and I was obsessed about proving I could be successful. When I worked late or through my break, I ordered my food because, duh, Seamless Web is the bee’s knees in NY, yo. Turned out I started doing the same when I began¬†working remotely. I kept myself running on 5 Hour Energy and had increasingly short beddy bye times. I loved what I was doing this time, but the bad habits remained.

All that changed when I went to Sweden. While I still spent a good amount of time in front of my computer, I lived a more active lifestyle. I walked everywhere and often carry a lot of heavy groceries or personal items fairly consistently. I also had no feelings to eat, although I wonder if it was more due the fact that it’d be unseemly to straight up body a multi-serving bag of chips in front of my lady.

Though I did still indulge in my fair share of cheese during a brief obsession over making bougie grilled cheese sammiches.

It wasn’t picture perfect living, but it was a marked improvement over those last 10 months nonetheless.

So now I’m back in the US and it feels so easy to fall back into bad habits. I know it’s easy because i just straight up bodied a bag of black truffle potato chips I bought in Sweden.


Now that I’m aware of this, I also know that I won’t eat it if it’s not in my immediate vicinity. I had a moment of clarity as I tossed aside that potato chip bag/carcass , grease stains around my lips like a lion after a kill.

  1. I’m going to walk to the grocery store everyday and only buy the food I need for the day. This accomplishes two things: I have a reason to be active and I’m forcing portion control on myself. Also, if I intend to buy only what I’ll consume in a day, I should be more inclined to buy fresh fruit and vegetables because they’re easier to potion for a single day than packaged food.
  2. I have a list of items that are fine to buy for the week. This includes eggs, pasta, rice, etc.
  3. There will be NO driving. I walked damn near everywhere in Sweden and i can do it again now.

It’s a simple list and while it won’t guarantee I will instantly transform into the best version of Dre possible, but at least I’m maintaining some of the better habits I adopted in Sweden while also getting rid of that stationary ex middle management mentality. If I combine that with some of my other adjustments (I’ll blog about them all eventually), I foresee a pretty strong 2016 on the horizon.

Peace out, party people.

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