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The Ramblings Podcast 64 – Team A.D.D. (with guest Dimelsa)

Ohhhh snap! Over the weekend I went over to my homegirl Dimelsa’s stomping grounds and we recorded an episode of The Ramblings Podcast! On this A.D.D. fueled episode, Dimelsa and I discuss humor, trigger warnings, over-apologizing in America, my horrible sense of direction in Sweden, bougie snacks, A.I., the non-existent common goal of humanity, the beauty and griminess of New Orleans, Dimelsa’s upcoming blog, and much more! Enjoy!

The Ramblings Podcast 64 – Team A.D.D. (with guest Dimelsa)
Intro/Outro music by IGetsBusy
Run time: 1:31:34

Download Here

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