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The Coming of the Pale Blue Dot Album… FINALLY

I rarely, if ever, blog about my music. For some weirdo reason, I got into this mindset where I wanted to keep my music separate from everything else I’m doing. Realistically though, Pale Blue Dot, an album I’ve been developing since freaking 2013, is probably the piece of work of which I’m most proud at this point in my life.  And that’s saying a lot because I’m crazy critical of my own work.

Way the eff back in 2011, I released a little album called Life etc. It was a reflection of where I was in life to a certain extent, but I can’t necessarily say I took the time to really craft something great. I simply hunted for beats and rapped on them. Done deal! The end result was good, especially considering the fact that I wrote that whole thing in just a couple of months. Pale Blue Dot, on the other hand, has had years to marinate and cook.

Never doubt the power of slow cooking.

There have been a few times when I prematurely announced this album as coming out only to delay it because it didn’t feel complete (or in some cases, I wrote songs my inner voice was able to perform, but my outer one wasn’t having). But man, this long road has finally come to an end. It’s time to record this mofo.

To anyone who has followed/supported my music over the years, thanks so much. I certainly don’t have the number of people checking for me like I used to, but those who have… thanks! I’ll keep y’all updated during the journey!

Special Shout Outs:

  • My fiance for her brutal honesty
  • Jive for telling me that I was stuck using the same flow
  • H2O for inspiring me to get on my grind
  • Rikko for opening me up to trap
  • Loss for indirectly helping me find my singing guru
  • The homies at Bar Above Music for their beat contributions
  • Maral, Dave, Big Desta/Daniel, OMGLion/Jr, Thraushtins for the ride or die support (I’ll do my best to return the love)

It’s time to make this happen.

Peace out, party people!

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