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Help The Forgotten Occupation Tell Haiti’s Tale

The Forgotten Occupation

Hans is part of a production company called Dedalus Moving Pictures and they’re currently working on a project that I think is worth your Kickstarter dollars. The Forgotten Occupation is a documentary that aims to delve into the history of Haiti and reveal how the island country struggled for independence and eventually found political disarray.

Maybe I’m biased because I love Hans’ work and I love documentaries, but I feel like this is a story I’d like to hear told. I’ve seen 367527843 documentaries on global warming and veganism. I want to know the history of a country that has yet to fully bounce back from that earthquake that ravaged it way back in 2010.

Anyway, support the big homie! Support independent art! FTM!

The Forgotten Occupation (Kickstarter)
The Forgotten Occupation (Website)
Dedalus Moving Pictures (Website)
Dedalus Moving Pictures (Facebook)

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