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Kilotus Project Updates April 2016

KILOTUS Project Updates April 2016

I’m mainly writing this for myself, but for anyone who’s interested in the various projects I’m working on and the eventual convergence of what appears to be a bunch of random ideas, I’ll be doing a monthly update from here on out! Or until my ADD sets in and I totally stop providing updates. Er..let’s try to think positively though, shall we? He are my Kilotus Project Updates April 2016 edition.


  • Things are going well so far with the blog, though my numbers are still recovering from the lack of content I produced between July 2015 and January 2016. No one to blame, but myself!
    • (4/4/2015) Posts return to a three day schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    • (TBD) Branding redesign
    • (TBD) Mailing list
  • I’ve done jack s**t with ZenHacked since 2014. I need to change this ASAP because I don’t want this one to die. I’m going to try to get this one going by starting off with either the podcast or a YouTube series. I have no hard dates but the following should be coming by summer:
    • (TBD) Site redesign
    • (TBD) Introduce guest bloggers
  • The site is ugly as hell so that needs to change. I also want to start adding written pieces
    • (4/24/2016) Site redesign
    • (TBD) Weekly articles (Thursdays)
  • Untitled blog by Dimelsa: We’re inching ever closer to the premiere of my homie Dimelsa’s blog. This is pretty much her thing so I can’t speak to how soon it’ll be done, but she’s part of the Kilotus family so I’ll be including her in anything we push and promote!


  • Bar Above Music: This started as a beat shop (, but I’m going to be using this name as an overall brand for anything we do that’s music related. This isn’t a label or anything formal like that. This is simply about branding and co-promotion. That said, here’s the list of upcoming music projects.
    • (Q3/Q4 2016) themindofdre – Pale Blue Dot
    • (Q4 2016) themindofdre – Table Scraps
    • (2016/2017) Loss – Super 8
    • (Q1 2017) themindofdre & Loss – untitled EP
    • (2017) Paterson Beautiful
    • (TBD) themindofdre & IGetsBusy – untitled EP
    • (TBD) PoTuS – untitled album
    • (TBD) Loss – untitled album
    • (TBD) Sacred – untitled instrumental mixtape


  • The Ramblings Podcast: So TRP has been on hiatus for a few weeks because I’m going to start a new 30 minute format along with a cohost. Instead of being an open ended podcast, we’ll be taking a randomly selected topic from a list and ramble about it for a half hour. Current scheduled guests are Chakktor and Dimelsa, but I also want to get my fiance, Loss, PoTuS, and my friend Mel.
    • (4/14/2016) Podcast resumes every Thursday

  • The Gibbler Podcast: Man, this podcast has been all over the place mainly due to conflicting schedules between me and Chakktor (aka Hakk). That said, we figured out a plan to get this back on track!
    • (4/5/2016) The Walking Dead finale episode
    • (4/6/2016) Hiatus
    • (4/26/2016) Podcast resumes every Tuesday

  • ZenHackedCast: So… I’m just gonna start a podcast for ZenHacked and hope it creates some traction for the concept (hell, it worked for my blog). I’m a big believer in the idea of modernizing the idea behind inner peace.
    • (May 2016) Podcast launch

  • Untitled Dimelsa podcast: Once again, this is Dimelsa’s thing, but whenever she’s ready to go, I’m ready to help promote! She’s already working on one with PoTuS that’s TV related. Once I know the details of that one, I’ll throw them a shout out as well!
  • Too Many Ideas (working title): I don’t know if this is even going to be a thing, but I would love to have one more podcast in order to flesh out the “podcast network.” Since I’m starting a series of articles called TMI (Too Many Ideas), I figure why not also have a podcast where we discuss the many ideas drummed up by my fellow ide guys, Patrick and Aric. We’ll see though; I haven’t actually discussed this with either of them yet heh.


  • Dre’s Bougie Snackoff: So I made a few of these videos and threw them up on my themindofdre YouTube channel. They did decently enough considering how seldomly I post. I’m still deciding between keeping the videos there or creating a new YouTube channel for it. Next update to be provided next month.
    • (May 2016) Return from hiatus, schedule TBD
  • HakkPacking (working title): Chakktor aka Hakk is going to be moving to a life of van dwelling very soon (hence the sporadic Gibbler Podcast schedule). He’ll be documenting his experience and also provide tips on getting into van dwelling. He’s no expert so this will be an adventure for everyone! Hopefully this will be the start of a series of content based on minimal living.
    • (Q2/Q3 2016) Channel launch
  • Niri: So this my fiance’s page and she’s already posting on her own. This is her thing, but I’m always going to co-promote so she’s part of the family too! Check here out HERE!
  • Andre C Griffiths: Man, this is tough. I don’t really have a focus for this YouTube channel, so I’m going to treat it like my blog and throw a hodgepodge of material there until something sticks. No schedule for this one, but all episodes of The Ramblings Podcast are being posted here as well.
  • Hoodemocracy: I thought of this idea on a random walk. While pondering what the hell I should do with Paterson Beautiful (more on that later), I came up with this concept called Hoodemocracy. Basically, this would be a series of videos bringing ideas and concepts that I’ve learned from the corporate world and various other resources and focusing on my brethren in the hood. Growing up in Paterson, I see how people fall victim to certain options laid in front of them. I want to present different options. Originally, I was going to have these videos on my Andre Griffiths YouTube page, but now I have no idea. We’ll see I suppose.
    • (Q4 2016) Series launch 
  • themindofdre: Point blank, I need to start posting weekly ASAP


  • Dre & Klös (working title): So I randomly came up with this idea for this story/comic on my trip back from Sweden to the US. Since then, I have been posting a page a day of a comic on Instagram and it’s doing decently well for a guy who randomly started this on a whim.
    • (4/9/2016) End of Instagram 1st run
    • (4/17/2016) Start of Instagram 2nd run
    • (Q4 2016/Q1 2017) 1st run of prints
  • Cartoons Re-imagined (working title): In March 2016, I made a blog post featuring a bunch of drawings of Ninja Turtle characters. I think I did a pretty decent job and have been continuing to nail down my drawing style. I want to continue this and make it a quarterly series.
    • (7/1/2016) Series 1 launch – The Simpsons
    • (10/1/2016) Series 2 launch – Pokemon
  • Untitled collaborative photography project: No details yet, just recruiting people to help with this! More details to come!


  • Paterson Beautiful: Man… I was so dejected after Paterson Beautiful was passed up for this whole Solvey project funding (mostly because I found their selection process to be BS, but more power to the team that was chosen). I need to get back on this though.
    • (Q3 2016) Paterson Beautiful social change plan release
  • 20 Human Questions: Last year I created a poll to show people that, at our individual cores, we all want the same things in life. This one comes down to marketing and possibly making the poll more aesthetically pleasing.

Holy crap, that’s a lot. This isn’t even mention several projects that are simply in the conceptual phase. Like I said, I’m mainly doing this to keep myself accountable. I know I can make all of this happen with proper planning and consistency. If you’re interested in anything I’m doing with Kilotus, hit @themindofdre up on any social media platform! As for me, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Peace out, party people.

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