5 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Is Awesome

Bernie Sanders

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I love me some Bernie Sanders. Er… platonically, but still. But why am I so gung ho about this guy being America’s next president? Well, I needed a reason to post a list (SEO FTW) so let’s break this down!

  1. Bernie Sanders was the only House Representative who voted against the US Patriot Act.

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    You know, the same act that, along with other acts that were later said to be unconstitutional, allowed the FBI to search communication and financial records without a court order. He was also the first to introduce legislations to remove unconstitutional provisions in the bill. Just think about that; he was the only one speaking up for the rights and interests of US citizens here.

  2. He doesn’t believe in expensive campaigns.

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    Bernie Sanders is frugal with a capital cheap. That’s not a bad thing though. Because of this, he doesn’t need huge donations or an overblown budget in order to run a successful campaign. I love this type of mindset in a potential president because it shows how successful he can be with limited resources. Speaking of success…

  3. Bernie Sanders is the longest-serving independent politician in U.S. congressional history.

    Bernie Sanders

    This is no easy feat considering most people tend to default to voting Republican or Democrat. Homie still made it happen regardless.

  4. Wealth inequality is an important focus of his.


    Whatever your feelings about Occupy Wall Street may be, it didn’t become a thing for no reason. The 1% of this nation’s population owns 40% of its wealth. It’s a disturbing figure that reflects how capitalism has gone awry in America. I’m all for a president that actually takes this issue seriously because there’s no good reason why a nation this wealthy needs to have this much financial inequality.

  5. Bernie believes no financial institution should be too big to fail.


    Did you know three out of the four banks that were bailed out back in 2007 are now bigger than ever? I don’t believe that any financial institution should be so big that it’s failure means the ruin of our economy. That just isn’t practical thinking. My main man Bernie just happens to feel the same way and introduced legislation to break up these institutions.

There’s a lot to the big homie, Bernie Sanders. Look past the typical debates between left and right wing people and simply look at what he stands for compared to other candidates. Don’t just look at what’s good for you; look at what’s good for all of us. Seriously, I implore you.

For the first time in a long time, I see a glimmer of hope for this country. Yes, I was even skeptical of Obama, because, like Bernie, I looked into what he was all about. He’s done some good and was important for our progress as a nation, but I wasn’t overly impressed if I’m being on the up and up. Now Bernie Sanders, that guy is making me pay attention.

What say you, America?

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