Spoken Word

Spoken Word Piece: Two Words


It’s interesting how words can be both powerful and limiting at the same time
They convey the thoughts of the mind, but the soul gets left behind
Words divide ideas like yours and mine, love and hate
Right and wrong when they’re one and the same
The illusion of opposites, so check it
Because the impression I get is you and I is a form of an opposite
If I’m me then I’m not you, but is that really the truth?
Can I have a me without a you anymore than I can have right without wrong?
You see, one begets the other, I would never know who I am without you
Any of you, now that’s the truth
A magnet has two poles, north and south
But unlike the words that exit your mouth, they remain one
Cut one end off and you’re back at the beginning, north and south
One begets the other, sister and brother, star crossed lovers
Can you have a left without right? A night without day?
Once again, it’s all one and the same.
Two halves of a single whole, you see chaos, while I see harmony
You see opposites, I see polarity
So let it breathe and see the fallacy of language, how it damages the truth
It makes us adversaries, wary of the other yous
Because you have knowledge of you, and I am just a stranger
Potential danger, or is that just the culture we created
Fool’s gold we try saving, but if that’s the stake you’re claiming and opposites are all you see
Then, then let one turn into two and that two be peace

Peace out, party people.

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