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KILOTUS Project Updates April 2016
Project Update

Kilotus Project Updates April 2016

I’m mainly writing this for myself, but for anyone who’s interested in the various projects I’m working on and the eventual convergence of what appears to be a bunch of random ideas, I’ll be doing a monthly update from here on out! Or until…


Blog Growin’ by Dre – Develop a Focus

I know I’m totally not following my own advice with my main blog as I have numerous areas of interest, but if you have blog, you should also have a focus. It makes sense, right? People want to know what they’re getting into when…

Blog Update

My Computer’s Power Supply Went Bad

This has been an annoying start to a Fri, but it is what it is. As such, this will be my only post today. For now, I’m going to see what I can do about this mess. Have a great weekend, party people!…

Friday Procrastination Links

Friday Procrastination Links

Happy Friday! I’ve been lazy as hell this week, but it’s mostly been because life is about to make a shift for me. Though life is always shifting, isn’t it? Here’s something to BS the rest of your Friday. Sit back and relax. You…