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Your Habits Are Not Your Personality

Imagine one day you suddenly realized your friend has been washing their hands for the last four hours. I’m sure you’d probably say, “WTF, Jim. Why have you been washing your hands so long?” Your friend then replies, “I just started washing but I…

Do Anything
Thought of the Day

Do Anything

So I wrote an article titled I Have No Clue What I’m Doing. You may be able to guess what it’s about, but give it a look if you haven’t read it. Anywho, I know way more people than you’d think who, either now or…

skeptical kid
Human Behavior

Kids Should Learn Critical Skepticism

Why don’t we teach critical skepticism to kids? I’m not a parent nor do I plan to be one in the future, but I think this might be a helpful suggestion given the world in which we live. When I was a kid, I…

Capsula Mundi

Capsula Mundi Replaces Coffins with Trees

If you could come back to life as any living thing after you die, what would it be? When I was a kid, my answer would have been a lion. Or maybe an eagle. What about an alien? I also could never make up…

Parson Russell terrier with a sock
Thought of the Day

My Goal Is to Show the Greatness in All of Us

What’s going on playas and playettes? If it seems like I’m starting off this post in a particularly chipper mood, it’s because I have a bit of renewed energy. I think I have a handle on what my contribution to the world (other than everyday…

google modular cellphone

I’m Psyched for Our Modular Future

I just created my new twitter account (@andrecgriffiths) so I can use my existing one (@themindofdre) for more music-related posts. Once it was up and running, I made the usual rounds, following others who were similar to my own interests and focuses. Or foci.…