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Thought of the Day

“Why” Is the Fuel I Need to Reach My Goals

Would someone get offended if I fat shamed myself? Because I’m totally going to fat shame myself. Dre… you’re lookin’ kinda tubby, bro. I was overweight most of my life until my early-twenties when I became a total fitness nut. I was conscious about…

mediocre leaders
Thought of the Day

Curing Our Addiction to Mediocre Leaders

Let’s pretend for a sec for one reason or another I needed surgery of the non-emergency variety so I had time to choose a surgeon. Now, I don’t know about you, but cutting my body open for the purposes of patching me up is…

Thought of the Day

Living in a World without Compromise

  I sort of feel like we as a species are losing the concept of nuance. I mean, is it me or does everything have a Hatfield vs. McCoy kind of feeling to it? Black vs. white, gay vs. straight, men vs. women. Trump vs.…

What Tone Are You Setting for the Day
Droppin' Knowledge

What Tone Are You Setting for the Day?

Ah, it’s Monday! Actually, I hate Mondays… Garfield-style (I also share his love for all things lasagna. That cat was the voice of a generation). But as much as I dislike this first day of the work week, your boy is feeling good because…

Thought of the Day

Love Ghostbusters 2016, You MISOGYNIST!

If you’re like a lot of the internet, you’ve probably seen the new Ghostbusters 2016 trailer (don’t worry if you haven’t; I have it embedded after the intro paragraph). If you’re like a lot of people on the internet who have seen the trailer,…

Thought of the Day

Offline Conversations with Strangers

Over the weekend I went over to Queens to record an episode of The Ramblings Podcast with my homegirl Dimelsa. While taking the 7 train to her place, I noticed most if not all the passengers in my car were preoccupied in one way or another…

Thought of the Day

Your Habits Are Not Your Personality

Imagine one day you suddenly realized your friend has been washing their hands for the last four hours. I’m sure you’d probably say, “WTF, Jim. Why have you been washing your hands so long?” Your friend then replies, “I just started washing but I…