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Offline Conversations with Strangers

Over the weekend I went over to Queens to record an episode of The Ramblings Podcast with my¬†homegirl Dimelsa. While taking the 7 train¬†to her place, I noticed most if not all the passengers in my car were preoccupied in one way or another…

Daily Opinion

Hashtag Opinion Rape

I can’t honestly call everyone on social media an actual “friend.” Regardless, I’m cool with all of them for one reason or another even if we don’t speak much. In some cases, at all. That being said, you ever run into one of those…


Adventures in Photography: Snow Day!

My girlfriends and I took a few snow inspired photos last week! I took this as an experiment to see if I could get my settings right to catch snowflakes sans motion blur.     Also, Gordon Ramsay is not pleased with our dog.…