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“Why” Is the Fuel I Need to Reach My Goals

Would someone get offended if I fat shamed myself? Because I’m totally going to fat shame myself. Dre… you’re lookin’ kinda tubby, bro. I was overweight most of my life until my early-twenties when I became a total fitness nut. I was conscious about…

KILOTUS Project Updates April 2016
Project Update

Kilotus Project Updates April 2016

I’m mainly writing this for myself, but for anyone who’s interested in the various projects I’m working on and the eventual convergence of what appears to be a bunch of random ideas, I’ll be doing a monthly update from here on out! Or until…

Thought of the Day

Your Habits Are Not Your Personality

Imagine one day you suddenly realized your friend has been washing their hands for the last four hours. I’m sure you’d probably say, “WTF, Jim. Why have you been washing your hands so long?” Your friend then replies, “I just started washing but I…

Do Anything
Thought of the Day

Do Anything

So I wrote an article titled I Have No Clue What I’m Doing. You may be able to guess what it’s about, but give it a look if you haven’t read it. Anywho, I know way more people than you’d think who, either now or…


Small Successes: The 10K Steps a Day Challenge

After growing up with a body type that was prime for a job as a husky child model, I flipped the script after college and became all about fitness. And I did pretty damn well if I do say so myself. When I began…