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Thought of the Day

Update on My Peace Pennies Obsession

I’m already aware I run the risk of sounding like I have OCD, but if you remember my peace pennies idea, I’ve actually been keeping up with it. To date, I’ve drawn (mostly) peace signs on about 700 pennies. That’s only seven dollars, but…

Daily Opinion

Daily Opinion: I Hope Nepal Isn’t the New Haiti

If you didn’t already know, Nepal experienced a significant earthquake that claimed 3600-3800 lives on Saturday, 4/25/2015. It may be even more at this point. As beautiful as life is, it can be pretty brutal sometimes too. This morning, I noticed there were several…

Spoken Word

Spoken Word Piece: I Want a Puppy

I want a puppy Don’t judge me, pretending to be above me All I want is a puppy, but I don’t have any money Okay, wait, maybe I could just ask for a puppy Somebody please, can you do a brother a favor I…

Daily Opinion

Daily Opinion: Are Modular Jobs a Possibility?

So I’ve been doing some thinking. Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself. I’ve been mulling about the knowledge that I have and the jobs I’ve done throughout my life. I’ve also been thinking about the knowledge I have that doesn’t get applied at all during…