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colin kaepernick
Thought of the Day

How Patriotism Turned into Fanboyism

I was busy doing some cleaning when, for some reason, I decided to check out Facebook (something I do much less nowadays, but that’s for another blog post). When I hop on, I see some of my (social media) friends freaking out about Colin…

bernie sanders
Thought of the Day

Bernie Sanders, Will You Be My President?

I’m going to level with you, America: I’ve never really supported any US presidential candidate prior to elections. In fact, I don’t really trust politicians on a whole. Is that racist? Politicians are a kind of race, right? Like lizard men. Anyway, for the…

skeptical kid
Human Behavior

Kids Should Learn Critical Skepticism

Why don’t we teach critical skepticism to kids? I’m not a parent nor do I plan to be one in the future, but I think this might be a helpful suggestion given the world in which we live. When I was a kid, I…