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Does Truth Matter (Sad Mike Flynn)
Thought of the Day

Does Truth Matter?

  Sometime last year I had a falling out with a couple friends. From my POV, I didn’t think there was an issue with us and when I tried to explain myself, one of them didn’t believe me. The stakes in this situation are…

What Tone Are You Setting for the Day
Droppin' Knowledge

What Tone Are You Setting for the Day?

Ah, it’s Monday! Actually, I hate Mondays… Garfield-style (I also share his love for all things lasagna. That cat was the voice of a generation). But as much as I dislike this first day of the work week, your boy is feeling good because…

Thought of the Day

Love Ghostbusters 2016, You MISOGYNIST!

If you’re like a lot of the internet, you’ve probably seen the new Ghostbusters 2016 trailer (don’t worry if you haven’t; I have it embedded after the intro paragraph). If you’re like a lot of people on the internet who have seen the trailer,…