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Andre C Griffiths and Chakktor

Bloggers Who Only Write Are Limiting Themselves

Last week after recording a podcast with Chris/Chakktor, he mentioned something that has stuck with me. He brought up the product review I did on Nuts N More. He said he definitely planned on reading it, but if I had a video review he…


Adventures in Photography: Messing with Lighting

My girlfriend is heading back to Sweden this weekend (sigh). Fear not! She’ll be back and when she does, we’ll be getting married! For now, here are some photos starring my lady. The purpose of this was actually to toy with lighting and different…


Adventures in Photography: Snow Day!

My girlfriends and I took a few snow inspired photos last week! I took this as an experiment to see if I could get my settings right to catch snowflakes sans motion blur.     Also, Gordon Ramsay is not pleased with our dog.…


Dre’s Bougie Kitchen: Maple Bourbon Mini Apple Pies

If you didn’t know, I gets down in the kitchen, even more so since my girlfriend moved in. Because we’re both cooking more as well as upping our photography game, I figure I’d start posting the pictures and recipes. Also, I’m still of the…