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The Coming of the Pale Blue Dot Album… FINALLY

I rarely, if ever, blog about my music. For some weirdo reason, I got into this mindset where I wanted to keep my music separate from everything else I’m doing. Realistically though, Pale Blue Dot, an album I’ve been developing since freaking 2013, is…

Finding Collaborators Is My New Dating Life
Making Ideas Happen

Finding Collaborators Is My New Dating Life

Although I’m in a committed long-term relationship, I find myself still dating people. How’s that possible without the love of my life divorcing and/or castrating me? Well, it’s because finding collaborators is my new dating life and so far I can’t figure out how to move…

Andre C Griffiths and Chakktor

Bloggers Who Only Write Are Limiting Themselves

Last week after recording a podcast with Chris/Chakktor, he mentioned something that has stuck with me. He brought up the product review I did on Nuts N More. He said he definitely planned on reading it, but if I had a video review he…