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KILOTUS Project Updates April 2016
Project Update

Kilotus Project Updates April 2016

I’m mainly writing this for myself, but for anyone who’s interested in the various projects I’m working on and the eventual convergence of what appears to be a bunch of random ideas, I’ll be doing a monthly update from here on out! Or until…

headset baby

Efficiency Tip: Using Dictation Software as a Blogger

Y’know, with all the little side projects that I have going on, sometimes it gets tough maintaining everything that I do with blogging. Now, 2013 Dre would’ve let his ADD run wild and let this block slipped to the wayside, but 2015 Dre is…

Spoken Word

Spoken Word Piece: I Want a Puppy

I want a puppy Don’t judge me, pretending to be above me All I want is a puppy, but I don’t have any money Okay, wait, maybe I could just ask for a puppy Somebody please, can you do a brother a favor I…

Spoken Word

Spoken Word Piece: Losing You

Slowly driving down the road, I’m losing you Beautiful humanity, insanity came confusing you Losing you to power, choosing who can be the leader Losing you, losing me, losing is our destiny Losing fuel to the flames, so the government chooses our fate Better…