I’m Psyched for Our Modular Future

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I just created my new twitter account (@andrecgriffiths) so I can use my existing one (@themindofdre) for more music-related posts. Once it was up and running, I made the usual rounds, following others who were similar to my own interests and focuses.

Or foci. As a writing nerd I’ve always liked that word.

Rhyming is pretty cool too.

Anyway, I added Wired and was welcomed with an awesome tweet:

I LOVE the concept of modularity as evidenced here and here. You see, right now people buy devices like phones and cameras, but what if we took away the names and went more with concepts. Is a phone still a phone when it can do 200 other things or is it a multi-function device with voice communication capabilities?

Sure, tomato, to-mah-to, but a single word is far more limited than a description. This is why I think modular devices are a a more intriguing, albeit less marketable way to go. That said, just think if we lived in a modular world. We can have device standards rather than proprietary components. Parts can be hot swapped instead of replacing an entire device if it’s broken or needs an upgrade. Also, it’s far less wasteful.

Why am I still trying to convince you? You’re smart enough to realize this is an awesome way to go.


The only real drawback is the ability to keep device form factors as small as possible, especially ones that were meant to be portable. That said, as technology improves, this hindrance will become less of an issue.

Check out these awesome articles about various modular products and support innovation!

Peace out, party people.

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