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Uncompromised Dreams In a Compromised Life

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I only have one life. At least that seems to be the case. For all I know reality is like a video game and when I lose too much energy or fall into a random bottomless pit I’ll just respawn with another life. But until the scientific community confirms this theory of mine, I have to assume it’s a wrap after I kick the bucket. With this in mind, I am doing everything I can to be uncompromising in the things I love.

As much as I love my life, I fully realize how many compromises I’m forced to make on a daily basis. Taxes, social graces, not wearing sweatpants to fancy dinners… and those are just the tip of the iceberg! I have to also deal with everyone else’s BS too. Por ejemplo, I could do without discrimination, but I’m forced to deal with it to some capacity because I share a planet with less accepting folks. Just another compromise, I suppose.

But this brings me back around to my point. Because so much in life requires some level of compromise, why wouldn’t I do everything in my power to embrace my relationship and my dreams fully on my terms?


For example, my fiance is everything to me. Sure there are other things and people I love, but she’s up at the tippity top. As such, I am pretty effing uncompromising when it comes to our happiness, i.e. I never let anything become an obstacle. Not even me. Why? Uh… well… mostly because there’s nothing greater in this world for me in this world. That’s not even me trying to earn romance points with the missus (I don’t know how much they’re worth in Sweden regardless). I just know what we have is worth more to me in life than anything else.

Mushiness aside, the same applies to my goals and aspirations. I wasn’t happy meandering through the banal world of middle management. I’m much happier pursuing my own goals and, I don’t know, experiencing life as it comes. It’s awesome. Why would I do anything to get in the way of that? Why wouldn’t I nurture this part of my life? Why would I ever let myself get in the way of what reinforces my own joy?

F. That. I concede nothing, sir.

When all is said is done, not many people will read this blog. But you are RIGHT NOW. So between the two of us, are you living this life without regrets? Do you have some happiness seeds that have yet to be sown? It’s not too late. You can work toward it. Or you can at least try your damnedest. The journey will likely be more fulfilling than the finish line anyway. Think of all the stories to tell! Anyway, go out there and do your thing. You only have one life left.

Peace out, party people.

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