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6 Tactics to Find More Success in Personal Projects

During a conversation I had last night with my buddy Pat, I realized I’ve had failed business ideas and projects since I was eight years old. There was the rare success every now and then, but for the most part my track record has been fairly dismal. Unless you’re an optimist and you take them as learning lessons.

My glass is half full all day, son.

For generations, silver-tongued salesmen would have aspire entrepreneurs believe there is some hidden secret to success. On the road to that secret, I’m sure they have a seminar or some other means of separating your money from your possession.

Pssh… whatever.

If there’s any one “secret” to this, it’s simply belief that there is no other option. Reality is whatever your mind believes it to be. You may think this sounds like very much like that book The Secret. Kind of. What I mean is if you believe failure isn’t an option, you’re highly likely to perform at your best. Having this mindset alone is great, but if you really want to take it to the next level, you need to put yourself in the best position to succeed. Here are 6 tactics I learned that have allowed me to actually maintain progress and find more success in everything I do.

  1. Keep your idea as simple as possible. Most people don’t have the means to tackle a complex project, especially when they are doomed to fail. The more sentences it takes you to explain the idea, the more hurdles you have in place. Simplicity is key in being successful, but complexity can be introduced with growth and experience. For example, Kilotus is ambitious project of mine, but it’s being bolstered by simpler, more achievable projects.
  2. Take advantage of online services. I LOVE THE INTERNET. Seriously. The internet has made it so ridiculously easy to take an idea from inception to completion. Not only that, you are essentially connected to a much wider potential audience than you would without it. Do research. Use tools. Automate and outsource tasks. Segue!
  3. Do the things you do well and pay someone to support your weaknesses. May of last year, I had zero income after being laid off. I bounced back and now that my goal is to make Kilotus a reality, I’m taking some extra income to pay for help. In fact, I saw enough progress in a week that I’m going to approach a couple people I have joint projects with to see if they’d be down to hire a virtual assistant for our various needs.
  4. Break everything down into small actionable items. What’s easier: running up a mountain or a series of extremely small hills? I already hate running so you know I’m picking option #2, y’all. For me, accomplishing each one of those little tasks is a victory so it feels like I’m always succeeding rather than being discouraged by a seemingly insurmountable goal. On that note…
  5. Success should be ongoing. By this I mean success shouldn’t be defined by any one accomplishment or failure. There will be things out of your control so all you can do is constantly put yourself in a prime position to succeed. Take this mindset in everything you do. Increment on previous accomplishments and slowly improve until you reach your goal. You’ll find that once you get used to succeeding on a small scale, your rate of success can increase as well.
  6. Jump on opportunities when the timing is right. Trust your gut, but be informed. A lot of times “luck” can be as simple as recognizing opportunities and pouncing on it. If you don’t have this skill naturally, it can be honed over time if you’re open to the occasional failure/learning experience. But then again, what’s life without a bit of risk.

It’s all tactics. Keep that game plan concise and that brain focused. We all have our stations in life, but if you ever have the means to dip into your earnings to give yourself the best chance at achieving a dream, I say do it. Just do it wisely. That said, I had to learn this the hard way so I’m just putting it out there to pay it forward, especially to potential stars who just need  to alter their approach slightly in order to maximize their potential. I know a few of people like that and I hope they’re reading.

Anyway, good luck out there folks! I’m off to make my own dream happen.

Peace out, party people.

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