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Finding Your Passion Is Like Finding Your Soulmate

Karen Dimelsa

When I was an early teen, I was a hopeless romantic. Sure, I had the same horndog thoughts as any of my male peers, but I was in it for the love, y’all. So I did what seemed to make logical sense for me at the time: I searched for love.

There’s a reason it’s cliché to say you find love when you’re not looking for it. That’s what pretty much happened to me. That hopeless romantic eventually became an adult convinced there was no such thing as a soulmate. Shortly thereafter, that’s when I found my fiancé. Funny enough, I found my life’s passion in a similar fashion.

Look at me rhyming! Oh wait, I do that all the time. Shameless plug FTW!

It took 34 years of my life for me to finally find my passion. That’s only one year after I met my soulmate so I guess I’m on quite the roll right now. During those 34 years, I wasn’t a player when it came to women by any means, but I was a total slut when it came to the search for my passion. I did web design, wrote books, recorded an album, became a manager, got into video editing, and even dabbled with the idea of creating collectible toys called “Furbles.”

Those were some weird times.

I was recently talking about this with longtime friend Karen Dimelsa (who is helping me curate content so I can get back to my Procrastination Friday posts). It’s kind of cool to see someone like her who has an open road of possibilities. It makes me excited to see people at this stage in their lives. This is when they are exciting and may even reach their true potential in the process.

Much like dating, discovering your passion can be fun and exciting, but the worst thing one can do is stress out about not finding it immediate This is experimentation, not a manhunt, so don’t lose the fun along the way. But when you do find it, you’ll know. Take it from me. Both passions and soulmates are unmistakable.

Peace out, party people.

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