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Introducing Kilotus: Karen Dimelsa

Karen Dimelsa

As I continue making progress with Kilotus, I’m going to introduce new people joining along for the ride. Who’s up first? The homie Karen Dimelsa!

Karen and I have been friends since we were knocking back brews together at college parties and she’s practically family to me at this point. In recent years, she and I have talked different ideas, encourage each other’s work, and share a similar ideal of what this world could be. Much like me, Karen’s interests are far reaching so in addition to helping me out with various projects, she’ll also be bringing her own brand of creativity into the mix.

Anyway, be on the lookout for more from the homie! She doesn’t have much on the interwebz yet, but neither did I at one point. Still, you can get a feel for her on a super early episode of The Ramblings Podcast (back when I called it “Dre’s Ramblings”) and through her Pinterest and Instagram accounts!

Peace out, party people.

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