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Introducing Kilotus: Patrick Fineza

I think it’s about high time that I introduce another member of Kilotus. One of my close longtime friends, Patrick Fineza, is down for the cause and I couldn’t be more excited!

Patrick and I are focused on revenue-generating projects that can then fund future social impacting projects as well as provide income for anyone working with us. After all, they’re sacrificing a lot of time just to try and make the world a better place. These projects will encompass the same ideals as our social impacting endeavors: positivity, creativity, social awareness, love, and equality.

Hopefully either this week or next, Patrick and I will make an announcement about our first project (which seemed to garner a pat-on-the-back-worthy response from people we know). Until then, hit up the homie Patrick Fineza on Twitter, check out his other project, Filipino Finder, or you can see the both of us randomly talk about social media on a totally unsuccessful endeavor of mine called Thinkington.

Unsuccessful, but not dead!

Peace out, party people.

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