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Your Habits Are Not Your Personality

Imagine one day you suddenly realized your friend has been washing their hands for the last four hours. I’m sure you’d probably say, “WTF, Jim. Why have you been washing your hands so long?” Your friend then replies, “I just started washing but I have no idea how to stop.” You may just think Jim is either lunatic or perhaps simply non-nonchalant about water conservation.


Is YOLO still a thing? If not, does anyone want to buy a used YOLO t-shirt? No?

Well… I digress.

The other day I had an intervention with myself regarding my addiction to procrastination. As long as I can remember, I’ve been a chronic waster of time/put-off-er of work. In fact, I rarely work at 100% capacity unless I’m up against a deadline. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. Is this simply my personalty at work or have I just been washing my hands a really long time

There will be people (some far more educated then me) who will disagree, but I think there’s a fine line between what we define as personality and habit. We each have a default starting position when it comes to personality, of course, but behaviors can easily turn to habits. If the habit exists long enough, it can be mistaken as a personality trait.

At least that’s my thinking. Take it with a grain of salt as I’m no psychology/brain professor. No, I’m just a lowly work put-off-er.

During this personal intervention, I said, “Dre, I know you love getting lost in your own ADD, but goddammit, you have a goal you want to hit. Do you want to work the rest of your life, however long that may be, to achieve it???”

I replied, “Probably not.”

“Well, okay then! I need you to do me a favor.”


“Repeat after me: I am not my habits.”

“I am not my habits.”

“Good, no more excuses. Now, how badly do you want to not work for anyone else?”


“How badly do you want to contribute to the betterment of the world?”

“I’d say it ranks highly on my to-do list.”

“How badly do you want a house in Sweden without a mortgage?”

“Like nothing else.”

“Then don’t be your habits. Habits are just like friends. Some are fun, but others, especially some of the older ones, are simply around because you’ve known them a long time. You may take on some of their traits though they’re not always the best for you. Hell, sometimes they even hold you back. But as you get older and wiser, you can make new friends who better fit who you are and want to be. Friends and habits… they’re not so different, y’know?”

“I think I see what you’re saying.”

Then I finally stopped talking to myself and did some research on marketing. The end.

I get it. I know the things we do and how we live day to day can be hard to change. Change may even feel impossible. But it’s not. However, the probability of change fluctuates depending on how much you believe what you do, how you react, and the way you live is simply a part of your personality. Maybe it is. Or maybe you’ve been washing your hands a really long time. Just a thought.

Peace out, party people.


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