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America, Please Don’t Make Me Ashamed of You

I haven’t posted on a Friday for a while, but I’ve been feeling especially productive lately so why not, right? It also helps that my eyebrow is slowly raising at the laughable rise of Donald Trump. I never acknowledged him because, to me, the idea of Trump as president is equivalent to a scary campfire story a la “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (Snick for life). If it were real it’d be scary, but let’s be honest; it’s too ridiculous to actually happen, right?


So WTF, America? What’s going on here? Do we need to have a pow wow? I think we do. Think – and I mean really think – about this: What would having Donald Trump as president say about America? This is some buffoonery going on here and for all the great things this country can manage to accomplish we can’t get our heads out of our own asses. We’re practically sucking the dick of corruption at this point.

Pardon my French, but emphasis is key here.

What are we doing? I really question this… While I was over in Europe, not for nothing, American politics really felt like a joke. To be fair, I already thought so, but the combination of Trump’s bizarre success and an outside perspective turned the ridiculous meter to eleven. America is seriously considering electing a quasi-racist former reality TV star who trolls people on Twitter. Also he’s a unabashed liar WHO HAS NO ACTUAL JOB EXPERIENCE. No political experience. None. This is troubling enough without discussing his rampant shadiness.

My fellow Americans, as a nation, we’re in danger of jumping the shark. The Fonzie alert is red. If Donald Trump somehow makes it into office, I’m officially done. I’m out. Deuces. You can keep this place and figure out whatever mess this guy will but sure to create if he holds office for even one term.

Most of all though… and I mean this… if Donald Trump gets elected, I will officially be ashamed to be an American. No sugar coating on this one, folks. This country would become a disappointment in my eyes. But then again, should I be surprised? It’s not like we’ve had a history of making great decisions.

Speaking of, has anyone else seen Fuller House? I’m sure whoever brought that back committed a war crime somehow.

Anyway, I know this meager little blog doesn’t have the biggest voice, but if you happen to read this, we can’t let this shit go down. Otherwise if it does…



Peace out, party people.

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