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Apparently I’m a Thief Who Needs a Danish Citizenship

My fiance and I decided to go to Copenhagen on Saturday to partake in some exploring, vlogging, and, of course, getting our grub on. Silly me, I thought this was a solid plan, but apparently I was mistaken. Thankfully, a dutiful Danish woman emphatically let us know why we had no right to be in her country. Here’s a partial video of the encounter.

Damn it, woman! Why’d you stop recording? I was all set to post this on Worldstar.

So yeah man, after buying my parents some overpriced souvenirs, this (possibly insane) Scandinavian woman took it upon herself to inform us of our lack of royal blood and some incoherent nonsense about education and communication. Little did she know I give no F’s and will take any opportunity to antagonize an openly xenophobic person, regardless of their sanity level.

Oh yeah, she also told me to get a citizenship and I replied with…

Dude, I get it. People, even crazy ones, are on edge regarding immigration and border control. It’s not just a US thing. But you still can’t got mouthing off to every person with a visibly different pigment color and assume they’re here to steal your shitty overpriced souvenirs…

And pack them in a Christmas shopping bag…

And print out a fake receipt…

Anyway, here are a couple points to end this blog post:

  1. Sooner or later we need to figure out true coexistence. While this particular woman was *cough* unbalanced *cough*, I happened to notice a couple instances of people subtly suggesting I wasn’t welcome in their city/country. Funny thing is, I never got that feeling much in Sweden. Er, outside of one old man who was clearly annoyed to have me around and a couple Nazi demonstrations. Damn… I guess I just proved my own point. I get why people think the way they do. I don’t have to agree, but I get it. Our lives are run on generalizations and grouping things together. It saves on brain power. This isn’t even sarcasm; it’s how the human brain works. Still, we don’t have to be slaves to that.Just because a car’s wheels are generally made to go straight doesn’t mean the driver can put the effort in to make a turn every once in a while.
  2. Don’t mess with me. I’m the furthest thing from gangster, but I’ll always stand my ground and it is EXTREMELY rare to get an emotional reaction out of me. So if you step to me with talks of royal blood and Danish citizenship, you better believe I’m just going to be a smart ass the entire way. I’m like Palpetine except your hate makes my sarcasm stronger.

Now if you’ll excuse me, these Danish snow globes aren’t just going to steal themselves.

Peace out, party people.

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