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Bernie Sanders Supporters… Don’t F Up the Message

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I was hanging out with my homie Loss the other day (joint EP coming soon) and he asked me an interesting (paraphrased) question: For all the good Bernie Sanders supporters feel they are trying to accomplish, don’t you feel weird being associated with them due to some of them being just as extreme as Trump supporters? My short answer was “no,” but there’s a little more to the story.

If Jesus exists/existed, I wouldn’t blame him for crazy Christians. The big homie had a good message; unfortunately messages can be misinterpreted, altered, abused, miscommunicated, etc. Bernie Sanders ain’t no baby Jeebus, but the man has a message nonetheless. Whether or not you agree with his POV, that’s up to you and it’s not the discussion I want to have anyway. That said, if you are one of Bernie Sanders supporters, help me out with some of these crazy people over here.

Not for nothing, but America is divided in a way that is reflected in the political candidates with the most passionate followings: Trump and Sanders. I get that Hilary Clinton is doing her thing, but I don’t know if I could say her supporters are passionate. I mean, would you be passionate for cold french fries and a slice of plain toast?


I’m sorry, but seriously lady, you reek of someone who is just doing a job rather than someone who really wants to enact change. And I think that’s why there’s a fire behind those who rally behind Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: these guys are, for better or worse, wildcards who may shake things up if they get elected. On top of that, their respective POV’s tend to be extremely divisive. So what ends up happening? Passion turns to defensiveness which then, for some, turns into attacking.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that if you don’t agree with/like any group or idea, you will likely point at the worst version of said group or idea. Atheists often take umbrage with religious fanatics. I’ve seen criminal behavior and poverty as talking points for racist thinking. If you’re REALLY anti-Trump, you may think his supporters are a bunch of xenophobic rednecks. So to all my people out there feeling the Bern, who are you to someone who is extremely anti-Sanders? Probably an over-sensitive SJW millennial who wants everything for free.

Just sayin’.

There’s so much I can say regarding this, but I don’t want to belabor the topic. So let’s get right to the point: Don’t be a dick. Bernie Sanders is NOT the second coming of socialist Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is (probably) NOT the devil incarnate. Stop over-posting on social media. Stop expressing your political ideologies in black and white rants. Stop attacking. Call out other supporters for their ridiculousness/excess. This shouldn’t just apply to Bernie Sanders supporters; this goes to everyone. I just happen to be a little more invested in feeling the Bern.

As humans, we all create archetypes in our mind, but those archetypes aren’t fact. They are, however, the foundation for what an individual may consider “true.” Just keep in mind that people’s behavior can and often does overshadow the message. Even with the best intentions, anyone of us may be the proverbial bad apple/crazy Christian that spoils the bunch/message of peace. Speaking of peace…

Peace out, party people.

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