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Bernie Sanders, Will You Be My President?

bernie sanders

I’m going to level with you, America: I’ve never really supported any US presidential candidate prior to elections. In fact, I don’t really trust politicians on a whole.

Is that racist? Politicians are a kind of race, right? Like lizard men.

Anyway, for the first time, I’m going to outright support a candidate now that Obama’s run is nearly up: Who might that person be? Bernie Sanders, that’s who.

Not for nothing, but Sanders is quite possibly the only candidate I’ve ever seen who I feel can and has the greatest possibility of shaking s**t up. He may be extremely left for some people’s taste, but that’s not what will truly make him effective. See, while Obama is a great orator, Sanders appears to excel at reasoning and logic, which is great for a country run by people of varying levels of corruption and ineptitude.


All I’m saying is listen to this dude and give him a chance. Am I saying he’s 100% perfect? No, but he speaks for the people more than any generic nice words Obama said way the eff back in 2008. I’d go with him over Hilary Clinton, who will likely (and unfortunately) have a layup of victory based more on current day women empowerment (which I support) than her actual stances on domestic and foreign issues. I’d go with him over…pfffbwahahahaha… I can’t even mention Donald Trump with a straight face. Is he trolling us?

Anyway, rather than me try to dissect why I feel this way, take this quiz to see where you truly stand. Also, watch some clips of Bernie Sanders on YouTube. CRITICALLY evaluate what he’s saying and see if it makes sense to you. Or we can go with a candidate who, like always, will serve corporations more than citizens, back pedal, bungle domestic issues, and more.

I think I’ll side with the grumpy old man who’s not afraid to call out the BS.

Peace out, political party people.

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