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Celebrate Gay Marriage, Have Patience with the Cry Babies

It’s not often I give America a pat on the back and say, “Hey, good job, buddy.” I mean, if you’re going to walk around with your chest puffed out calling yourself, “the greatest country in the world,” I’m going to hold you to task on pretty much everything you do. That said, it’s about damn time we legalized gay marriage, right? Now we can finally just call it marriage.

But there’s a flipside to this can of worms the Supreme Court just opened. There are many people celebrating and a ton of others who are largely unaffected by this decision so life is business as usual. But yo, there are some real salty folks out there who have joined the SMH brigade.

While working on some posts Saturday night, I had a UFC event playing in the background. The main event was won in brutal fashion by a Cuban former Olympic wrestler named Yoel Romero… who goes by the name, “Soldier of God.”

Cue the Scooby Doo-style “Ruh roh” because this wasn’t going to go well.

After he won, homie grabbed the microphone from the guy interviewing him and says, “I’m going to try English, everyone!” What followed was an incoherent diatribe that ended with, “What happened, America? Go for Jesus, not gay Jesus.” Or something like that. It was tough to make out most of it, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this man learned English just to tell ‘Murica they done effed up by following gay Jesus.


I’m not going to bash this dude or anyone else for their opinions, but I’m also interested in the ramifications of making gay marriage legal in the US on a national level. I may be a fan of the decision, but what about all the other “Soldiers of God” out there? Some of them are none too pleased and I have a feeling Yoel Romero isn’t the only one. My man isn’t even a US citizen and he still has concerns!

To all the reasonable people out there, I hope you exercise some patience with these folks. It’ll likely be tough, no doubt, but that’s what we’re going to need because people are bound to start saying some dumb s**t regarding this. We need to understand that change will always ruffle feathers, even when that change is ultimately positive. Let’s just hope is all this stays at talk rather than action. Unless that action is love.

Yes, even gay love, you cry babies.


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