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Do Anything

Do Anything

So I wrote an article titled I Have No Clue What I’m Doing. You may be able to guess what it’s about, but give it a look if you haven’t read it. Anywho, I know way more people than you’d think who, either now or at one point, feel the same way. It’s easy to get stuck at that point. But I look at it like this: if you know what you want to be or do, but you don’t have a plan to achieve it, do anything.

Seriously. Just do anything. Now.

Do anything that is not what you usually do everyday. Because those things you already do aren’t helping you get to the place you want to be. At least not enough. Introduce a new habit, y’know? Start with one thing and do it consistently.

Let’s use me as an example. This is what I know I want for myself:

  1. I don’t want to work for someone unless it’s social work/charity related.
  2. Regardless, I want to have several low maintenance income generators.
  3. I want to get my name out there in terms of my various creative endeavors (music, writing, video, etc.).
  4. I want to own a house in Sweden.
  5. I want Kilotus to be a reality (MUCH more on that soon).

Did I mention I want to achieve all this with as little (negative) stress as possible? Unless I find a book that can lay out the exact road map on how I can accomplish this, one may think I’d have no effing idea where to start. And they’d be right. It’s like taking a seven-year-old and telling him, “Learn math,” without a teacher at his disposal. WTF’s he supposed to do about that predicament?

Well, I suppose he should do… something. Anything but nothing.

I started blogging back in 2014 just because it was something. I had no goal for it (in many ways I still don’t). All I know is it got me in the habit of doing something different. In fact, I enjoyed blogging so much, I decided to add something else to the mix: podcasting. Slowly, but surely I started honing in on what I want to do and what I need to achieve it. Reading and research became a new habit. Starting and working on my first (hopefully) revenue generating project became another (shout out to Bar Above Music).

And to think, this all started with a blog.

Now, depending when you’re reading this, I’m a loooooooooooong way from being what I’d classify as a “success” at any of these endeavors, though I make steady improvements. I also still don’t have a laser-focused game plan. I’m freestyling a lot of this, y’all – I just have a rock solid game face.


Still, the steps I’m staking now are helping me to move… somewhere. I have a vague idea, but life has a way of moving you in directions you neither expected or intended. I’m in it to win it, folks. Hopefully you are too.

Peace out, party people.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Check me out on Instagram as themindofdre. Right now my new habit is drawing a new page in a story I’m making up as I go along. Why not, right?

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