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Does Truth Matter?

Does Truth Matter (Sad Mike Flynn)


Sometime last year I had a falling out with a couple friends. From my POV, I didn’t think there was an issue with us and when I tried to explain myself, one of them didn’t believe me. The stakes in this situation are small albeit unfortunate, but this made me think about something: Does truth matter when people choose what they want to believe?

We’re living in an interesting time when there’s more accessible information than ever. The unfortunate flip side to this is who the hell knows how much of it is factual? Who’s fact checking the internet? Someone get the president of the internet on the phone right now! I have concerns!

To make matters worse, more people are (finally) realizing mass media deserves some degree of skepticism too. This by itself isn’t a bad thing, but now there’s this label called “fake news” that’s being thrown around all scarlet letter-style. And man oh man, you don’t want to get that label because even if you tell the truth, your credibility is already tainted. ESPECIALLY with people who weren’t rocking with you in the first place. Truth no longer matters at that point because your reputation is now marred by the dreaded FN word.

This all creates an interesting scenario where trust matters more than truth. Who or what do you trust most? I find many people trust their bubble.

The bubble = trust = “truth”

I’m naturally the guy who goes left when most folks are going right. Back in the day, one of my friends used to say I was being different for the sake of being different. To him I would say, “Nah, son. I’m just different.” Because of this I didn’t cut myself off from experiences and ideas in life. I always stood by my ideas, but I remained open to the perspectives of others. I didn’t come out of the womb this way (despite the rumors I spread about myself that say otherwise). I became this way because my bubble never stopped growing. Knowing a lot of very different people helps to see the world from a multi-faceted perspective.

Not everyone is that lucky.

Here’s the perspective I’ve decided to go with: My truth is me. I know who I am. I know my character. I know my worth. I know me. I trust me. I trust those closest to me (you know who you are). Everyone else I trust at an equal lesser, but lesser degree.


I dunno man, I just try to be open minded. I can’t count anything out. The truth is always going to be based on perspective so if I hear enough differing points of view, I h something way more valuable than “truth.” I have wisdom.

Wisdom isn’t gained within a bubble.

Peace out, party people.

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