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“Why” Is the Fuel I Need to Reach My Goals

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Would someone get offended if I fat shamed myself? Because I’m totally going to fat shame myself.

Dre… you’re lookin’ kinda tubby, bro.

I was overweight most of my life until my early-twenties when I became a total fitness nut. I was conscious about my diet and exercised incessantly, a far cry from pizza-inhaling, beer-guzzling college Dre. The problem was my motivation was attracting women, which is a fairly shallow reason for self-improvement when you think about it.

Whatever, it worked…

Until it didn’t.

Around the time I turned 30, my job and happy hour drinks became my primary focus and fitness took a back seat. I didn’t fully give it up, but I sure as hell wasn’t as disciplined as I was when I was going to clubs and lounges every weekend.

So now I’m about three years deep into my life of working remotely and whatever remnants I had of physical fitness have dwindled to almost nothing. At least for my standards. I still work out occasionally and squeeze in a salad when I can, but my motivation was mostly to make sure my current clothes don’t get too tight.


The other day, my boy Busy and I were speaking about our reasons for doing whatever we’re doing in life. It made me reconsider why I want to get back to a healthy physical condition. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. I want a long life with my wife (currently fiancé, but y’know, technicalities and all that good stuff… also I guess I’m still kind of doing this for a woman heh).
  2. I want to live long enough to create the art I know I’m capable of producing. Thins encapsulates writing, music, videography and (hopefully) much more.
  3. I want to be as balanced physically as I am mentally and spiritually (the latter has nothing to do with religion or god).
  4. I want to strive to be a positive force in this world as long as I can. Yeah, yeah, I know… corny, right? Yup!

Once I had my reasons solidified, a funny thing happened; it became easier to commit to my health and fitness goals. In fact, what I learned was my reasons why are far more important than the goal itself. The goal is the just the destination, but the “why” is the fuel that’ll get me there.

Tubby Dre is on his way out y’all. He found a new reason leave…

But I’ll never fully turn my back on you, pizza.

Peace out, party people.

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